Twins: Double the Pleasure & Ten Times the Guilt

Guest blogger Tova from My Thoughts about Stuff…  I think that guilt comes with the territory when you are a mother. Nothing you do is ever enough. You feel guilty if you work, guilty if you don’t breastfeed, guilty you gave them a ‘happy meal’, guilty for being on your phone, guilty for feeling guilty… it […]

Looking after you!

Well there we were in Kingston hospital with the Sonographer when my husband and I heard the big news…’it’s not one but two babies’. The news slowly sunk in and from that moment on I began to notice double buggies and larger than normal pregnant bellies. As a physiotherapist, I had an acute awareness of […]



I found out I was pregnant in January 2009,  I remember doing the test it was 4 days until I was due on so I didn’t know if it would show.   I’d had four kids before so I knew I was again the same sickness and tiredness oh the joys lol.   Well the […]

Twin born at 23 weeks

Amelia Hope Burden was born before the 24-week legal limit for abortion when her mother was just 23 weeks and two days pregnant.   She was born weighing only 1lb 2oz ten days before her brother Arthur arrived at 1lb 4oz.   He was born in July after Amanda Staplehurst had been pregnant for 24 weeks. She […]

Chelle S


My Birth Story…by Chelle Shooter All through my pregnancy I pleaded for a c-section, as I was terrified of tearing. My midwives were no help, just kept fobbing me off with things like “you’ll be straight on an epidural with twins, it’ll be pain free, its better for the babies etc etc.” I wasn’t convinced […]



My birth story… by Jacinta Me and my partner Giles decided it was time to start a family when I was 29 and Giles was 34. Two weeks after deciding this we were pregnant. Giles was in more shock than me, he thought it wouldn’t happen for months. I don’t think he was quite over […]

Frankie R


My birth story…by Frankie Rees The only certain thing about my long awaited babies’ birth in Amsterdam was that it would not be a home birth. My GP told me this as though it was the saddest news she could bestow… I was secretly relieved but reality soon hit. I was expecting twins in a […]