My birth story… by Jennine I was 5 weeks into my first pregnancy I kept getting really bad pains. I was glad to be on holiday from work so I could go to the hospital and get the pains checked out. The doctor looked at me and then told me she was sending me for […]


My birth story… by Kathie In August 2007 I had just started a new job after moving home, I’d only been there 2 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. This came as a total shock to me – I was 36 and had 2 children aged 7 and 3 and was definitely not […]

PUPP – Itching during pregnancy..

Pupp – an itchy skin condition which appears in pregnancy. What is it ?: PUPP stands for pruritic (itch) urticarial (like ‘hives’) papules (red pimples) and plaques (irritable flakes) of pregnancy. Some women develop itchy red bumps and welts on their bellies in the second half of pregnancy, usually in the last month or two. […]

Obstetric Cholestasis – My Story

Up until 28 weeks I was sailing through my twin pregnancy – no morning sickness, scans all fine and I was feeling great. A few days before my next consultant appointment I noticed that my hands and feet were incredibly itchy. I was constantly rubbing my bare feet on the carpet, I couldn’t sleep and […]



My birth story… by Donna Belcher At 35 wks +6 days I was due for my 36wk check up the following day. I was hoping they would give me a date to induce me as i could hardly get out of bed by this stage. I woke up that Sunday morning aching a bit, but […]

Why do multiples occur?


Multiple pregnancies occur when either more than one egg is released for fertilisation, or when one egg is fertilised and subsequently splits. In identical multiples, the egg splits shortly after fertilisation (within 2 weeks). Identical triplets and higher order multiples occur when one or more of these eggs splits again.  Identicals will be of the same […]