Top Tips for Parents Travelling With Children

Travelling with children can be a stressful experience – especially when flying to your holiday destination – but its well worth it once you arrive at your hotel and you can begin to unwind and relax (as much as a parent ever does). When it comes to preparing for your family holiday, one of the […]

Twins Equipment Best Buy/Worst Buy

The following started off as a thread on our forums, but was so packed full of useful info that we decided to cherish it forever.  Most pieces of equipment are promoted to “make life easier”, but which of them really do ? Read on to find out from those at the coalface of motherhood!. Thanks […]

Bumbo Baby Seat

There are new innovations happening all the time in the world of baby equipment. When I had my first child, I remember lamenting the fact that you had to take the baby out of the car seat to put in the buggy – why couldn’t they just invent a seat which would do both so […]

Real Nappies – It really IS possible!

by Sarah Johnson   I have twin boys aged 2 and a baby girl 4 mths, When I had the boys it really never entered my head to try real nappies as having more than one baby at one time seemed enough to think about and cope with. I also worked part time and I […]

Funny Stories with Twins and Triplets

You’ve sent us in some fabulous tales over the years – here are some of our favourites.   Wind Beneath My Wings!  By Caroline My two yr old boys are obsessed with sanitary towels & tampons. No matter where I hide them, they find them!! They love unwrapping the towels & sticking them just about […]

Twin parenting : best and worst bits

Mums and Dads give their verdict on the best and worst bits of parenting multiples..   What would you add?   Send us your Bests and Worsts…     THE BEST THING IS : “Best thing – is having an instant family. I can’t imagine having a singleton – they must be such lonely children! ” “Having […]