Let’s protect our kids’ play

All mammals play. Young deer play games of chase and gleefully pretend to fight. Bear cubs love to wrestle and tumble. Anyone who’s ever watched a pack of six puppies can never doubt their delight in play. Humans are just like other animals. Play is not only entertainment, enjoyment, and positive socialization. It is an […]

The importance of play time for kids

If you’re contemplating cutting back on your child’s free playtime indoors or outside because of your concerns about safety or because of scheduling purposes, think again. As an adult, it might not look like it’s a top priority that your child is finding time for playtime. But it’s actually an important time of the day […]

6 Outdoor Projects for You and the Kids

Are you desperate to get the kids off their screens and out into the garden? Roll up your sleeves for these six super outdoor projects this summer… 1. Glow in the dark jam jar lights Kids and adults love these jars: they’ll look great left in the garden, but double up as handy night lights […]

Learning through sand and water play

Small children discover the world around them by using their senses. They touch, squeeze, smell, taste and look. Texture, colour, even the noise something makes as fingers are run over it – it all provides a motivation for play, and through that play, learning. Water and sand in particular provide countless opportunities for tactile, imaginative […]