Twins World Records

Twins and multiples are amazing, here we have selected just some of the official world records as of 2015!  See the complete list here. Most consecutive generations   Three families hold this record: Within the Rollings family (UK) there have been four consecutive generations of twins born from 1916- 2002. The first were Elizabeth and […]

Heavy Twins Twins weigh in as record-breakers

Friday, October 26, 2007 Britain’s heaviest mixed-sex twins have weighed in at a combined 18lb 12oz. Beth Ryder, 35, of Mount Pleasant, Rawtenstall, Lancashire is celebrating the arrival of 10lb 9oz Theo and his 8lb 3oz sister Millie.  They were born last Thursday at Burnley General Hospital and beat the previous record held by Thomas […]

Heavy twins/triplets – the runners up

Prior to Beth Ryder, giving birth to the heaviest set of mixed sex twins in 2007, the title was held by proud Twinsclubbers Sue Hughes and partner  Steve Houghton-Burnett. On Sunday 3rd November 2002, Sue and Steve had become parents of the UK’s heaviest set of newborn twins since records began. After a 13 hour labour and […]