Introducing our Clubs Section

Our aim is to bring clubs around the country together, to allow parents lost in the world of newborn twins and multiples a local helping hand.   When Twinsclub started over 10 years ago there was little on the Internet to offer help for parents, the whole purpose of Twinsclub’s creation as a website was to resolve this problem, to be an online virtual club but also to help people find actual local groups to them.   As parents of twins, we know that any baby group is good, but one dedicated to twins and multiples where everyone understands the daily challenges is so much better for our needs.  Just that look of understanding from fellow parents is all you need sometimes to know you are not on your own!

We have maintained a list of local twinclubs since we started, it has formed a very much static list which over time we grouped by county.   We understood a number of problems though from our users and from how we have seen the internet change over the years:

  1. Clubs need to be able to add and edit their own listing in order to make sure the latest information is available.
  2. Clubs need to have their own identity to stand out
  3. We need to further help promote clubs
  4. Users want to search easily and quickly, a static grouped list is so old fashioned these days…


We are then quite proud of our new Clubs section.  During our recent website revamp a lot of our content has remained the same, it just now looks a prettier!   Our clubs section however has been completed renewed from scratch with the aim to answer the points above.


It looks Pretty!

Lists are boring really, we understand that, the whole world understands it!     This is why we have got rid of our long list and replaced it with a map!   We are all used to Google maps to location things, now we use Google maps to find clubs near to you.  As you start to enter your chosen location, our search helps you with suggestions and then shows on a map clubs that are near you.




You can scroll in and out, move about… and our little twinsclub arrows will update to show you the nearest.   Select a pin and it will give you brief information, click on the link and you will be taken to the club’s own contact page.  Not just a name and contact details but now everything you might want to know, including Facebook links, email, phone number, photos, further description, even rough location and directions on how to get to the club.  No longer just a static boring list!




Find a really good club close to you want want to share?   We have a whole new Sharing menu to help you spread the word.




Crave for a list?  We haven’t got rid of it fully, we give you the option to show both the map and a list.   The clubs in the list update as you navigate your way around the map, moving about, zooming in and out.   The best of both worlds.




How Do We List Our Club?

We think our club section is quite special, a lot of improvements have gone into how to find a club, but even more has gone into how to list your club.  In the old days…. we promised one day you would be able to add and manage your own club, it has taken us some time, we wanted to get it just right, we can now offer this.

You no longer have to talk to (although please do send him the odd good word, he may get lonely) just to change a contact name or to change a mistake.    We now have a Club Login.

We have taken our static list and populated our new site with all club’s details.   At present, each listing is owned by us and so only we can edit it.   We have added a “Claim” button to the listing, if you find your club listed and it has not yet been “claimed”, pressing this button will start the process of owning your listing and being able to edit it whenever you want.


To do this, you will need to create your own account on our website, clicking this button will take you to the relevant login and registration pages.   Once registration is complete (you will be sent an activation link), you can login and you will see your Club Dashboard page.

It will be empty to start with, but when you find your club listing and select Claim this time, you will be taken to our Claim pages where you are asked for any further details for yourself before you confirm.   Your Claim is processed and you will receive an email to say when it has been approved.  At that point, when you now look at your Club Dashboard, your club is listed and you can not only edit and add details, but also upload photos to show some of the activities you have, as a club, been doing.




Once claimed, no-one else apart from you can change the listing.   Approval of claims is done manually by us, so bear with us, we do this to avoid spam or any problems of someone trying to claim all the clubs in the country!

By claiming your club, you further show people searching for clubs that your club is Verified.  It is an active club listing on the website connected to an active club.   Look out for the VERIFIED badge on such listings.


If you cannot find your club already listed, then you can add it by pressing the Add Listing button.  You will be invited to registered, but you do need to (although your listing will not be Claimed and so not shown as Verified.

Add your club


What Extra Special Things Are There?

  • When you add or edit your listing, the updates will automatically be posted to our twitter and facebook feeds.
  • Your club may be Featured and appear on the slider on our front page at times.

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