I found out I was pregnant in January 2009,  I remember doing the test it was 4 days until I was due on so I didn’t know if it would show.   I’d had four kids before so I knew I was again the same sickness and tiredness oh the joys lol.   Well the line came up I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry.  I went to the doc who confirmed I was again. I was very nervous as I had a misscarriage four years earlier at six weeks,  I was totally devastated.

The time came for my booking in appointment with my midwife who thought I looked quite big for ten weeks. She got me a scan to see if all was ok, I remember sitting there dreding for the scanner to call my name.  I was took into the room, luckily my partner was there,  I wouldn’t look at the screen I was so scared.  She was scanning me when she said there is one and there is the other one.   I said sorry, say that again.   She said congratulations your having twins, I burst into tears and they were both okay.   She then said I thought you looked quite big for a first scan.

The pregnancy went ok, I was just so tired espcially as I had four other kids to look after.   I was scanned a lot all the way through they said my daughter would be bigger than my son but the said thats normal for twins.   Everything was okay until I got to 36 weeks.  I woke up one night, I thought my waters had gone.   I went to the toilet, it wasnt my waters it was blood.   I panicked, I ran into my partner.   I was crying, he rang me an ambulance and they rushed me straight to hospital.  I was took into a room and monitored, the babys were fine but my blood pressure was high.   They kept me in for a few days luckily my blood pressure went down and I was allowed home.  Lilly and Ronnie were born on the 6th of september 2010.   I had a normal delivery, I only had gas and air.   I was 38 weeks they said it was quite far to carry twins.   Lilly weighed 6ibs and Ronnie was 4ib 70z,  I was kept in for a week because Ronnie was small  They are nearly 11 months old now and I feel so lucky and blessed they are my little miracles xx

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