My birth story… by Jacinta

Me and my partner Giles decided it was time to start a family when I was 29 and Giles was 34. Two weeks after deciding this we were pregnant.

Giles was in more shock than me, he thought it wouldn’t happen for months. I don’t think he was quite over the shock of the pregnancy when we found out that we were actually having twins. It was mind blowing. I was excited but more scared, being a first time mum and having twins is very scary. My pregnancy went fine except for swollen ankles and a very large tummy. Then while in Morrisons shopping one day, my waters broke. Only a trickle but I knew what it was, so we rushed home, phoned the midwife and were told to go to hospital. We got my bags, all very nervous because I was 5 weeks early.

When I got to the hospital they kept me in for a week. That week wasn’t nice, just stuck in bed having checks all the time. I was so big by then I could hardly move, everyone kept saying ‘those twins will come today’, but they didn’t. After three days the hospital doctors said that if the twins hadn’t decided to come in the next few days they would induce me.

I was so sore and I swear I could feel every little move those babies made. I made the decision to have a c-section as I had heard too many bad stories on having natural birth with twins and I felt safer with a section.

Finally the day had come…. 11:30am and I was booked to have c-section. I was so nervous not knowing what was going to happen. Giles was just as nervous and then the nurse came and got us. I got all upset on the way down. I think it was just all the excitement and waiting that got the better of me – I couldn’t believe I was finally about to see my babies. Giles was sent into a room on his own while I had to sign forms and have my spinal block. The spinal block was not nice, but thankfully it was over quite quickly. Giles came in and made me laugh because he was all dressed up in greens.

Rhiannon was born first weighing 4lbs 13oz, ┬áthen little Zoe at 4lbs 6oz, both perfect in everyway. The only thing was that I couldn’t hold them due to so many drugs my hands were shaking so much I didnt feel safe in holding them, so Giles held them, while they put me back together. Both girls were fine and didn’t need any help from SCBU and that night I couldn’t believe that we had made two beautiful human beings.

I never knew that I had so much love in me, and I tell Rhiannon and Zoe everyday how much I really do love them.

Thanks for reading,

Jacinta x

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