Introducing our new Classifieds Section

We have had a very active Classifieds Ad section in the past, indeed many items for twins and multiples are expensive and so selling on is a good way to go (especially when sometimes an item is used for such a short amount of time).    Over the years though various part of functionality had […]

Why Join a Local Twinsclub?

When you have twins or multiples, it can be like living in a goldfish bowl. There’s no doubt you feel special but wherever you go, somebody is watching you. At the baby clinic, the other mums look concerned and ask: “How on earth do you manage?”.   In shops, customers eye you up and down […]

Setting up a twinsclub

Want to start up your own group? Read on for some tips by twinsclubbers who did just that – hopefully they’ll inspire you to get cracking and start up your own club. Hi. I am Karoline, Lancashire twins & more clubs co-ordinator, and I am mum to three children, Sean, and my twins Cerys and […]