Ryan Swain’s musings on parenting…

Ryan Swain is a professional Presenter, Host, Stand-Up Comedian & Entertainer. His high energy levels, finely crafted one liners and sharp improvisational skills create an elusive star quality.    See his views on the crazy world of parenting…. [facebook=”″]   [facebook url=”″]   [facebook url=”″]   [facebook url=”″]

How It Feels To Become A Mum To Twins

I won’t have vomit on everything I wear one day, and I won’t have nappies to deal with forever, but from now on, I’m not the same person and I’m not the centre of my life any more. It seems obvious and although pregnancy gives you some time to prepare you for this fact, you […]

Simple Crafts to do with the Kids

Arts and crafts is an incredibly useful activity for kids to engage with because it helps them to develop their creativity whilst urging them to carry out a more critical thinking point of view through the act of creating and designing. According to the National Society for Education in Art & Design, by giving your […]