Birth Stories

My birth story…by Gabby

I had hardly any sleep the night before the big day.  I lay in bed thinking about this huge bump and what was going to happen. I was going to be a mum to not one but two babies in a matter of hours! Up until that day it all seemed a bit like it […]

Birth Story: Jade

Being Pregnant was a scary prospect as it was but finding out i was having twins was the biggest shock of my life. My pregnancy wasn’t planned but my partner and i were very excited. Twins don’t run in either of our families so it’s something we never considered could ever happen. After a week […]

Identical twin gives birth to her own set of twins

When Michelle Cooke became pregnant, she could never have imagined that lightening would strike twice.  She joked with her identical twin Sarah that history could repeat itself but was astonished when doctors confirmed she was expecting twins – and that they were identical.  Identical twins is caused by the egg splitting after conception and do […]

A Dad’s birth story

Hope you don’t mind a birth story from a Dad. After several years of struggling to conceive, my wife, Lisa, and I succeeded first time with IVF and were enjoying a wonderful problem-free twin pregnancy. In week 28, a scan showed that one of our twins (‘Twin 2’) was not growing as fast as he […]

Helen T

I am blessed to have two gorgeous daughters Bethany 11 & Isabella 5, I said to my husband I’d like one more before I’m 30! Anyway fell pregnant pretty quick, I felt like something wasn’t right the sickness was terrible. Had my 1st scan on the 24th February 2010, I remember feeling sick on the […]

Claire B

Well my twins story is both very sad and very happy. My husband and I already had a little boy who was born in August 2005 and so in April 2008 we decided to try for another baby. At the 12 week scan we were very surprised to find out that we were having twins […]



I found out I was pregnant in January 2009,  I remember doing the test it was 4 days until I was due on so I didn’t know if it would show.   I’d had four kids before so I knew I was again the same sickness and tiredness oh the joys lol.   Well the […]