A Dad’s birth story

Hope you don’t mind a birth story from a Dad. After several years of struggling to conceive, my wife, Lisa, and I succeeded first time with IVF and were enjoying a wonderful problem-free twin pregnancy. In week 28, a scan showed that one of our twins (‘Twin 2’) was not growing as fast as he […]


My birth story… by Beccy I was admitted at 10pm on Monday 6th March 2006, with severe swelling to my feet and ankles, which was later diagnosed as pre-eclampsia as my blood pressure was 160 over 106 and I had protein in my urine! After a near sleepless night in a crowded antenatal ward the […]

Bethany D


The Day My Twins Were Born.. by Bethany Davies I was desperate to give birth. I’d been pregnant for ever and was fed up with being the size of a house. I’d long since outgrown the shower and bath, couldn’t sleep and my back was killing me. I had always loved children and assumed I […]


What is Pre-eclampsia ? Pre-eclampsia is the most common of the serious complications of pregnancy. It is caused by a defect in the placenta, which joins mother and baby and supplies the baby with nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood. Pre-eclampsia is symptom-less in the early stages and is detectable only by regular antenatal […]

Amy S


My birth story…by Amy Savvides The first big shock was when the sonographer told us there was ‘two in there’ – the second big shock was when the consultant told us they were identical! We’d only just started getting used to the fact there was 2 of them, let alone them being  identical and the […]