Birth Stories

TTTS – My daughter gained 13lb in a week…

by Linda Haddock This is a story about my daughter and her family, and how TTTS changed our lives forever . Jennifer and her husband Raymond had two beautiful children, Hailey and Cameron. He worked days and she worked nights so each could spend time with the children and provide them with a nice home. […]



My birth story… by Donna Belcher At 35 wks +6 days I was due for my 36wk check up the following day. I was hoping they would give me a date to induce me as i could hardly get out of bed by this stage. I woke up that Sunday morning aching a bit, but […]

Amy S


My birth story…by Amy Savvides The first big shock was when the sonographer told us there was ‘two in there’ – the second big shock was when the consultant told us they were identical! We’d only just started getting used to the fact there was 2 of them, let alone them being  identical and the […]