Real Nappies – It really IS possible!

by Sarah Johnson


I have twin boys aged 2 and a baby girl 4 mths, When I had the boys it really never entered my head to try real nappies as having more than one baby at one time seemed enough to think about and cope with. I also worked part time and I just didn’t think I had the time to bother with it all.

But then after having Mia I noticed just how much I spent on disposables each week and also how many nappies I threw away day after day with three still using nappies. I thought about trying to potty train the twins but they just weren’t ready. Then I saw an add for real nappies and thought I’d give it a go.

I looked into the different types of nappies that were available to me and thought about which ones would suit me and my children best, At first it seemed like I was bombarded with info and I have to admit it took me a while to get my head round it. Then after tying several different types I found a few that really worked for me and my children. I now use a few different types, as each different brand has it’s own good points like (quick drying/very absorbent/easy to use etc).

You can choose from a wide variety of real nappies for your child but more than 90 per cent of parents still opt for disposables. Many parents simply aren’t aware of the alternative of cloth nappies; some think of them as old-fashioned, more hassle or more expensive than disposables. But modern washable nappies are available in a variety of styles and materials, can fit easily into parent’s routines, and are generally cheaper to buy than disposables.

The good points to using real nappies

  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than disposables
  • Kinder on the environment
  • Less concern of chemicals next to baby’s skin
  • Only an extra half load of washing every three days
  • Some councils offer a free trial kit and £ cash back.

The bad points of using real nappies… –

  • May take slightly longer to change the baby
  • Will make an extra 2-3 washes a week (unless you use a wash service)
  • The initial upfront cost will be higher
  • It may take a while before you find the best type to suit your baby

By the time your baby is potty trained you will have completed between 4,000-6,000 nappy changes The good news is mums & dads now have a Real choice, I’m talking REAL Nappies. It really is your choice

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“My twins cost me a fortune in disposables. We were going through two packs a week so I thought that I would give cloth nappies a try. I spent £35 on all the necessary bits and have only had to buy nappie soak since, and one new set of plastic pants. The cloth nappies have stopped my daughters rash which was so bad with the disposables that it bled all the time. The only downside of cloth nappies is having to put them in the washer (very smelly).” From Andrew Kyle

“Hi – I use cloth nappies on my son Bill and he is nearly 15 months old. I also have a 14 year old daughter and used disposables with her as I thought cloth nappies were disgusting and did not look into using them! I was very impressed on my first visit to your site to see nappies on your home page and info that makes them appeal to people, if parents did proper research most would choose cloth nappies be it to save money or to help the environment. ”

“I work in a shop that sells shaped nappies and when Ifound out I was pregnant felt that I should at least try to use real nappies and am glad to say I get on very well with them. I am now pregnant with twins due in july and will use cloth nappies for them and will save a lot of money doing so. There is a lot of choice out there and it can confuse people but with good research done by parents including talking to parents using cloth, you can find out the best types for you to try then just get a couple of each and see which is best for you both.

I don’t do much extra washing as I wash other whites with my nappies but when the twins come I will be doing dedicated nappy washes probably every other day if not every day, but imagine if I used disposables how much landfill I would create and my babies poo will be going down the loo where it should be going! In suffolk we are very lucky to have the Suffolk Real Nappy Network who give free advice and offer a second hand shop once a month at a nappaccino coffee morning which is a good way to get a few nappies to try out. ”


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