Birth Stories

Bethany D


The Day My Twins Were Born.. by Bethany Davies I was desperate to give birth. I’d been pregnant for ever and was fed up with being the size of a house. I’d long since outgrown the shower and bath, couldn’t sleep and my back was killing me. I had always loved children and assumed I […]

Frankie R


My birth story…by Frankie Rees The only certain thing about my long awaited babies’ birth in Amsterdam was that it would not be a home birth. My GP told me this as though it was the saddest news she could bestow… I was secretly relieved but reality soon hit. I was expecting twins in a […]

Carlie F


My Birth Story…. by Carlie Felts I was due to be induced at 39 weeks exactly, we had moved house at 38 weeks exactly and had a mad rush trying to get everything sorted out. I’d had a fairly straightforward pregnancy luckily but was stressed out completely with the house move, panicking how I would […]


My birth story…by Barbara (BSB) Let’s start at the beginning. I got pregnant at my dad’s wedding. The wedding was in France and was a long-winded affair. In between the end of the main course and the dessert, I convinced my then partner (now my husband) to go back to the hotel to rest. Rest […]

Abbie S

I found out I was having twins at 9 weeks. I had an early scan because I was bleeding,  so fearing the worst we set off for the scan. When we were told it was twins I remember swearing lots,  and telling my husband he would have to give up work, as we had a 1 year […]

Claire D

My birth story… by Claire Deguara I had had a fairly trouble free pregnancy until around 24 weeks when there was a problem in the flow in the cord to twin 2 an intermittent absent was detected. I was told this wasn’t a problem but would require an early delivery probably at 32 weeks and […]



My birth story…by AnitaB This is a long one!! When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I’d made an appointment to have my hair cut the following week on the Thursday (my hair was very long then, down past my waist, and the thought of having to look after it when the twins arrived filled me […]