Birth Stories



My birth story… by Karen G Alex woke me up early on the Friday morning – I was 37 weeks 5 days – I wanted more sleep so told him to go back to bed. Turning over, I thought I heard and felt a ‘pop’. Then thought no, it’s just wishful thinking. Anyway, I got […]



My birth story…by Carol G I’d had a show at about 36 wks (July 5th) then ALL movements stopped so I phoned the maternity ward who said to come in to make sure everything was OK. We did go in but not until we’d had lunch, I’d got a top up for my mobile and […]



My birth story…by Frankie Rees The only certain thing about my long awaited babies’ birth in Amsterdam was that it would not be a home birth. My GP told me this as though it was the saddest news she could bestow… I was secretly relieved but reality soon hit. I was expecting twins in a […]



The Day My Twins Were Born by Carmel Shore   My obstetrician had commented at my final ante natal appointment that he would need a new tape measure if I got much bigger as I was now measuring 52 weeks pregnant!!! I was delighted therefore when the doc agreed a date for the big day. […]



My birth story… by Amy Miskelly It was confirmed that I was pregnant again when Mollie was 7 months old, but almost immediately I began bleeding. My doctor booked me in for an early scan so off me and dh trotted on Monday morning after a very tense weekend of waiting to see if the ‘baby’ […]


My birth story… by Claire I had an uneventful twin pregnancy until I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GD) at 30 weeks – concerns were raised at my 28 week scan and a Glucose Tolerance test (GTT) confirmed the condition. I was able to control my GD with a sugar free diet and stabbing my […]



My birth story… by Genna When I found out that we were having twins it was a total shock to me and my husband. We didn’t know what to expect! We were married but still very young, only 20 years old and my husband is in the army so we live away from all our […]