Making space for bigger families


As any parent knows, having just one child can be one of life’s biggest challenges, but if you’ve been blessed with twins, you’ve got twice as much to think about, from wardrobes to sleeping habits. Thankfully, we’ve spoken to the experts to help you organise your children’s bedrooms, whether you’ve got a dynamic duo or […]

Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Determining whether twins are identical or fraternal is not always easy. Identical (monozygotic) twins are conceived when one egg is fertilized and splits into two separate cells resulting in twins with identical copies of DNA. Fraternal (dizygotic) twins are conceived when two eggs are released during ovulation and fertilized by separate sperm cells resulting in […]

Twins write about Twins

Coralie Phillips and Donna Roach are identical twin authors. They have written four books together. The illustrated book Duplicate Dreams about twins and multiples with identical interests and careers in common is their latest book and is available via Amazon. We had the opportunity to interview Coralie and Donna about being twins and about their […]

Introducing our new Classifieds Section

We have had a very active Classifieds Ad section in the past, indeed many items for twins and multiples are expensive and so selling on is a good way to go (especially when sometimes an item is used for such a short amount of time).    Over the years though various part of functionality had […]

Introducing our Clubs Section

Our aim is to bring clubs around the country together, to allow parents lost in the world of newborn twins and multiples a local helping hand.   When Twinsclub started over 10 years ago there was little on the Internet to offer help for parents, the whole purpose of Twinsclub’s creation as a website was […]

Online Self-Assessment

Available today, SimpleTax is the only online self-assessment tax filing solution recognized by the HMRC that provides a streamlined alternative to the often inefficient, costly and stressful processes currently in place in the UK. SimpleTax makes it easy for self-employed people filing tax returns to save money and submit their returns online by entering information […]