Redressing the balance: how to keep tabs on ‘mummy’ and ‘me’ time

The modern mother has so much on her plate nowadays. While motherhood in days of yore was something which more or less confined us to our homes, we’re now expected to be out and about on the town and even holding down a job. What’s more, with the increasing amount of celebrities taking selfies about how they’ve squeezed back into their jeans days after childbirth, we’re also under pressure to look our best too.

So how can we achieve all these expectations without pulling our hair out? When it comes to motherhood, it’s important to establish a balance between looking after our nearest and dearest and giving ourselves some much-deserved ‘me time.’ If your lifestyle needs a bit of a re-jig, follow these tips to create a more harmonious life balance.

Put your life in order

If you’re finding yourself collapsing underneath a mountain of nappies, bills and work reports, it might be time to take half an hour to re-assess your schedule. Sit down with a pen and paper and attack the issue head on: why are you getting to bed so late at night? You can make dramatic changes to your schedule by just making a few lifestyle changes. For example, consider packing your children’s school things the night before, or running small errands on your lunch break. There used to be Wunderlist, but since that closed down, checkout these alternatives.

Find time for entertainment – no matter how small

Making the time to find a babysitter and spend the evening out with a loved one can be more of a chore than motherhood itself, so it’s important not to take the little things in life for granted. When the kids are in bed, run yourself a hot bath, pour a glass of wine or just kick back with a DVD – you’ll be amazed at how much more you appreciate these little luxuries. If you’re more of a technology fiend, you can always try out mobile gaming – there is plenty of fun to be had at sites like while you put your feet up.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – delegate!

With all the aforementioned pressures on today’s modern mother, we can put additional stress on ourselves by expecting to do everything without any help. As the mother and the head of the household, it is your right to delegate tasks – whether it’s asking your significant other to change a nappy or even telling your older children to help out with chores. Your family is a unit and you should function like one, so make the most of all the help you can get!

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