Making space for bigger families


As any parent knows, having just one child can be one of life’s biggest challenges, but if you’ve been blessed with twins, you’ve got twice as much to think about, from wardrobes to sleeping habits. Thankfully, we’ve spoken to the experts to help you organise your children’s bedrooms, whether you’ve got a dynamic duo or a bigger brood.

To share or not to share

Your twins are used to sharing everything from the womb onwards, so it may seem like a great idea to keep two baby cribs in the same room while the pair are very young. However, as they begin to get older, they may have different ideas, which can depend on individual personalities and their genders. If you’ve got a bigger house, you may want to consider giving your children separate bedrooms as they enter junior school – this rite of passage may give them a new sense of independence and the desire to have their own space.

Before school however, and especially if you’re pushed for space, shared sleeping areas can encourage sibling bonds. Bunk beds are great for keeping your twins close, and has a range of kids-themed designs to keep your little ones smiling.

Twins sleeping behaviour

While it’s great to establish brotherly or sisterly bonds, discipline is also something to consider when planning your children’s bedrooms. Having your children share their bedroom can be distracting, especially twins who will be going to bed at the same time. Of course, there is also the issue of the fight for the top bunk. If you want to combat this, try using incentives. You’re the boss, so try to make a game of it by saying things like: “first one to finish their homework gets the top bunk!”

Saving space

Welcoming new children into your brood can be a blessing and a curse – if you’re pushed for space, there is a multitude of ways to get around this and ease your way into the larger family life. You can make the most of ‘dead’ space by investing in under bed storage, which is great for storing baby clothes and nappies. You could also try hanging a ‘dolly maid’ from the ceiling if you’ve run out of space to dry clothes – remember, if you have no space, always go upwards.

If you have got a big brood, it’s important to remember to enforce discipline and use positive reinforcement to guarantee a harmonious home life. Make the most of the space you’ve got and consider a clear out every once in a while to accommodate your family – you’ll be glad of the extra space and will be ready to start afresh. Good luck!

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