Introducing our new Classifieds Section

We have had a very active Classifieds Ad section in the past, indeed many items for twins and multiples are expensive and so selling on is a good way to go (especially when sometimes an item is used for such a short amount of time).    Over the years though various part of functionality had “fallen off” and no longer work, for instance adverts stopped getting automatically deleted after an amount of time, users were unable to amend any mistakes.

As part of our new website, a key area to revamp and improve was the Classified Ads section.    We are pleased to say we have completely rewritten this section and would love to share it with you.


The following features have now been added:

  • adverts auto remove themselves after a month
  • able to login and amend at any time
  • adverts can be extended
  • photos say to much, able to now add a number of photos
  • search adverts
  • no need to publish your email address, initial communication done using our website
  • notifications via email
  • posted to our facebook and twitter feeds


classifieds  capture  capture


Placing an Ad

Everything is now so much simpler and easier to use, we don’t think you need an instruction guide but we want to show this off – so here goes….

When placing an advert, you can choose from either of:

  • For Sale
  • Wanted
  • Service
  • General
  • Media Request

You can then create your advert with a title, description, contact details.  Note, any email address given will not be displayed on the advert but instead users contact you via the advert web page itself and in doing so prevents SPAM from picking up your email address.     You can choose to upload a number of photos, something we believe gives you great selling power – a picture always says so much more.  Even if you are advertising a service, by including your a picture, maybe a logo, enhances your advert and makes it stand out.

A new feature is being able to edit and manage your advert once it has gone live.   Upon creation, your advert is given a unique code which is emailed to you, by using this code you can login to the website and make as many changes as you wish, including deleting the advert.   Make sure your email address is correct as it is the same address that the website will automatically notify you when someone responds and when the advert is about to expire.

Once an advert is created, it appears on our website straight away and on our twitter and facebook feeds within 15 minutes or so.

What best thing, our classified ads section is completely free to use!!


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