Twinsclub – Frodo Baggins House

Twinsclub forum user maddrocks, Maddie, 30, spent a year building her intricate model by hand, making everything from the portraits on the walls to the household furniture and vegetable patch in the garden. The hobbits Bag End cottage is where the trilogy – one of the most popular books ever published – begins and ends […]

World’s first set of male twin elephants born

Thong-Kum and Thong-Tang, believed to be the world’s first set of male twins, are just two-weeks old and are reported to be in a healthy condition. One onlooker had travelled from a local town just to see the rare phenomenon. “I can’t believe there are twin elephants, I have heard they are so rare,” she […]

Mum’s two sets of twins in baby contest


A PROUD mother has entered her two sets of twins into the Mail’s Baby And Toddler Of The Year competition. Mum-of-six Rachel Steele beat odds of 10,000 to one and gave birth to two sets of non-identical twins. Demi and Dylan Stephenson were born four months ago, four years after the birth of their big […]

It’s Just a Phase

by Lindsey Gray   You’re bound to have heard it over and over again.¬† Your children are driving you to distraction, there is a dark cloud of depression threatening to move in with you, and you’d rather watch re-runs of This Is Your Life than hear another tired old cliche. That’s when someone pops up […]

Double Take

Dea Birkett Guardian¬† Wednesday June 27, 2001   I’m a freak. I get accosted when I go shopping, harassed as I stroll along the street, and cars have been known to draw up to the side of the road to get a good look. I have been the victim of this curious gaze of strangers […]

Hilarious tales from triplet mum Lorraine Anderson..

“You should write a book…” – lots of us have heard this from time to time but none as often as Lorraine Anderson. The mum of triplets from West Yorkshire has had more than her fair share of embarrassing situations and hilarious encounters due to her three children. Read on for a few of her […]

The Gulf War and Us

We had been evacuated from Kuwait during the gulf war, and were staying with my Mum and Dad whilst they moved house. This was the week I will never forget, my gorgeous angels aged 2 1/2 decided to become the devils from hell! It started off with a momentary lapse in my concentration and an […]