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Twinsclub forum user maddrocks, Maddie, 30, spent a year building her intricate model by hand, making everything from the portraits on the walls to the household furniture and vegetable patch in the garden.

The hobbits Bag End cottage is where the trilogy – one of the most popular books ever published – begins and ends and is home to pint-sized hero Frodo, played in Peter Jacksons record-breaking films by Elijah Wood.

But even the hobbits whose average height is just three feet six inches tall would dwarf Maddies creation, which measures just three feet square.

Proud Maddie, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, said: “This all began when I was a young child and read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for the first time.

“I was about ten years old and I was instantly hooked by this magical world.

“I have read the trilogy at least 20 times since and each time it still holds as much wonder as the first time.”

article-1271624478551-092F4BA9000005DC-247305_636x406 Mum-of-two Maddie has ensured even the smallest detail is faithful to the way author Tolkien and filmmaker Jackson have depicted the hobbits Middle Earth home.

There is a tiny one-inch version of the Baggins family tree framed on one of the walls, an even smaller, fully accurate map of Middle Earth and even notes in Frodo’s ‘Elvish’ handwriting littering the hobbits lounge.

The kitchen is stocked with miniaturised food and utensils and a barrel bearing a longbottom leaf label the ale drunk by the hobbits in the record-breaking films.

Every scrap of furniture been created from scratch and duvets, rugs and towels mean any tiny hobbits could live in comfort.

There is also a shelf of microscopic books on offer and beautiful dresser drawers and wardrobes to help fashion-conscious elves look the part.


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Twinsclub says well done Maddie!


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