Birth Stories

The twins who were born after their MOTHER took Viagra

The Daily Mail, 25th November 2008 By Lucy Laing Looking at twins Lewis and Ava, you would never guess the struggle their parents endured to bring them into the world – nor the unique treatment that finally ended in a successful birth. For the smiles in the family portrait belie the heartbreak of three failed […]


My birth story… by Kathie In August 2007 I had just started a new job after moving home, I’d only been there 2 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. This came as a total shock to me – I was 36 and had 2 children aged 7 and 3 and was definitely not […]


Twin Dad birth story. There are some moments in your life you never forget. Here is the story of how Lucy and Luke came into the world – as seen from Daddy’s eye’s. At around 6 months I’d been relegated to the sofa league as the “bed wasn’t big enough for the both of us”. This […]

TTTS – This pregnancy has no future…

My story… by Katie Rhodes   We had been told that we were expecting mc/mz twins ( not really understanding that this put us at any more at risk of problems)  and so when we were told that we were to be monitored every 3 days with scans and traces we thought this was normal […]

TTTS – My weight increased by 8 stone…

By Sue Roper-Moore Hi. My name is Sue Roper-Moore and my husband is Malcolm. We live in Birmingham and have a five year old son, Henry, and identical twin girls – Mary and Lydia – who will be 3 in October. This is our recollection of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion. I had a trouble free ‘ text […]

TTTS – My daughter gained 13lb in a week…

by Linda Haddock This is a story about my daughter and her family, and how TTTS changed our lives forever . Jennifer and her husband Raymond had two beautiful children, Hailey and Cameron. He worked days and she worked nights so each could spend time with the children and provide them with a nice home. […]