My birth story… by Karen G

Alex woke me up early on the Friday morning – I was 37 weeks 5 days – I wanted more sleep so told him to go back to bed. Turning over, I thought I heard and felt a ‘pop’. Then thought no, it’s just wishful thinking. Anyway, I got up to go to the loo and my waters had gone – I told my dh who was still snoring his head off and he thought I was joking! I was busy mopping up with towels and a little voice shouted through “Can I get out of bed now?” Alex came through to our bedroom, took one look at me and said “Have you wee-ed yourself mummy?”. I told him that it was do with his baby brothers and he asked if they were here..


Got to the hospital around 9.00am and nothing really happened until lunchtime. I slapped on my TENS machine and bounced around on a big ball and had the best labour imaginable! Tom was born just before 6.00pm at 5lb 2oz. He had loads of dark hair and looked just like his dad!

My contractions stopped so they started me on the drip. Twin2 had been breech and then he turned sideways. Then all hell let loose. The consultant had his hand and nearly his whole arm up me and I was in the most incredible pain. I remember everything went white, I couldn’t see a thing, and I was writhing on the bed screaming. The placenta had prolapsed and the consultant was holding the baby off it to keep his air supply going.

They rushed me down to theatre (with his hand still up me!) and I remember lying there blinking to let them know I was still awake, thinking “please don’t cut me open yet!”.

Will was born just before 7.00pm at 5lb 14.5lbs and was rushed straight to SCBU. I saw him for the first time roughly at midnight and I could hardly keep my eyes open – I was exhausted.

They kept me in hospital for 5 days, and therefore, spent Alex’s 3rd birthday there. What can I say …I was so upset and very emotional at that point.

But even though I had a really bad time with Will, I would go through another labour tomorrow – it is the most moving and exciting think ever!


Alex 24.9.99 Tom and Will 20.9.02 (All boys and all in Sept!)

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