How to upcycle at home

Most items of furniture in your home will need refurbishing or updating every so often. Much-loved sofas and chairs can look shabby after a couple of years of use, and some rooms will be in dire need of a complete makeover. With this in mind, upcycling may be the answer. You won’t have to spend […]

Twins: Double the Pleasure & Ten Times the Guilt

Guest blogger Tova from My Thoughts about Stuff…  I think that guilt comes with the territory when you are a mother. Nothing you do is ever enough. You feel guilty if you work, guilty if you don’t breastfeed, guilty you gave them a ‘happy meal’, guilty for being on your phone, guilty for feeling guilty… it […]

Five ways to encourage your children to eat healthily

Children love fizzy drinks, sugar saturated sweets and a whole range of other unhealthy foods. Parenting can be hard work at the best of times but trying to persuade your children to eat well can be an uphill struggle. Rest assured that you are not alone and here are five suggestions that will help you […]

Step by Step Guide to Christmas Dinner

It’s nearly time! We know how life with twins sometimes needs military planning for even the simplest of things, so when it comes to Christmas day and the all important christmas dinner it is something that is not only planned well in advance but we might even start days ahead. Click on the following guide from […]

How to Survive The Christmas Term

Research collated by teacher recruitment service Edustaff has revealed teaching as one of the most rewarding, yet stressful, careers to be involved with over the Christmas period.  Researchers found that although 85% of teachers loved their jobs, the stresses and workload of the classroom, especially over the festive period, was a leading factor as to why many […]

Preparing for the Twinvasion

Many first time Mums and Dads who are greeted with the fantastically terrifying news that they’ve got a two-for-one on their pregnancy are thrilled, but feel that they now need to prepare by buying a multitude of extras for their new arrivals. Extra nappies are a given, but what about all of the latest gadgets […]

7 ways to make extra money while saving for a home

Saving to buy your first home can be a hard slog and while there are a number of saving tools and buying schemes to help you, you’ll always be looking for more ways to speed up the process. If you’re serious about making some extra money to help build up your funds, below are seven […]