My birth story… by Donna Belcher

At 35 wks +6 days I was due for my 36wk check up the following day. I was hoping they would give me a date to induce me as i could hardly get out of bed by this stage.

I woke up that Sunday morning aching a bit, but just ignored it as it was nothing new. I had been aching for weeks now. By 10am I was getting light contractions that were all over the place, and my husband kept saying to call the labour ward.

In the end, I only did it to keep him quiet!.  As it was twins they said for me to come in so they could check me over, but i was determined I wasn’t in labour so left it another 3hrs before going to the hospital.

On the way there I dropped my other 2 sons at their Nans house and went to hospital at 1pm.

Wow – how surprised was I when they discovered I was 5-6cm dilated. They scanned me to see how the babies were laying at this stage and they were both head down.. result!  By this time I had the heart monitors attached to me but they couldnt get the 2nd heart beat just a echo of the first,  so they had to put it on the babys head.

This broke my waters, and thats when the pain started. It felt like I’d been laying on the bed for hours, but it was actually only 2 1/2 hrs when I was ready to push. Push I did, and  and out popped Owen at 4pm weighing 7lb 4oz,  then 7 minutes later out came Alfie weighing 7lb.

Alfies sugar level was low so had to stay in a couple days until that was up again, but now at 8 wks old they are little puddings weighing 11lb each.

Thanks for reading,

Donna. mum to Brandon(7yrs), Tyler(3yrs), Owen and Alfie (8wks)

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