What you need for starters

by Sharon Driver 

There are truckloads of stuff you could buy, but what do you really need ? Twin mum Sharon Driver delved into the equipment pile to come up with a list of the tried’s and trusted’s that hopefully aren’t going to end up in the loft with your Dad’s LP’s…



  •  Double buggy (with rain cover & parasol)
  • Rear facing car seats (preferably rockers)
  • Large changing bag (with travel changing mat)
  • 4 x pram blankets
  • Sunblinds (one for each side of the car)
  • Travel cot with basinette (for visiting, napping downstairs and playpen)



  • Cot (buy from a big supplier, so if you need to seperate the twins and a second cot is needed, it will be easier to get a matching one)
  • New mattress(es)
  • Nursery thermometer
  • 3/4 x fitted cot sheets
  • 3/4 x top sheets
  • 2/3 x cot blankets (all must be washable at 60 degrees)
  • Cot mobile (not essential, as they’re not noticed for a while)



  • Breast
    • 2/3 x Nursing bras & 1 sleep bra
    • 12 x bottles & teats (for expressed & storage)
    • Steam sterilizing equipment
    • Microwave sterilizer (optional but good for speed or visiting)
    • Bottle/teat brush
    • Breast pump
    • Nipple cream
    • Formula milk (just in case it doesn’t work out)


  •         Bottle
    •  12/16 x bottles & teats
    • Ø      Formula milk
    • Ø      Steam sterilizing equipment
    • Ø      Bottle/teat brush
    • Ø      Breast pads (you’ll stilol leak for a while)
    • Ø      Kettle/de-scaler (just for the twins use)


    •  As many bibs, flannels and small towels as possible
    • Dummies (whether you agree with them or not, they’re good to have on standby)



  • Baby bath
  • Aqueous cream non-perfumed (for use as soap & moisturiser)
  • Sudocreme or zinc and caster oil cream plus heavy duty nappy cream such as Bepanthen or Metanium
  • Sacks of cotton wool balls or baby wipes
  • Nappies & nappy sacks
  • Baby nail clippers (optional)
  • Bath thermometer
  • Baby towels (not hooded and in a different colour to your own)
  • 1 x changing mat
  •  New washing basket



  • 6 x babygrows
  • 6/8 x cardigans
  • 4 x pairs of socks
  • 6/8 x scratch mitts
  • 4 x hats
  • 2 x snowsuits
  • 2 x shawls
  • 2/3 x pairs of booties
  • Lots of vests



  • 2 x rocking chairs (the car seats will be just as good)
  • Bouncing cradles or swings
  • Sleeping bags (some mothers prefer them to sheets and blankets)
  • Baby monitor
  • Play mat & gym
  • Soft rattles, fabric books and cuddly toys



  • Brush & comb set (someone will buy one and you’ll never use it anyway)
  • Top ‘n’ tail bowl (Use one of the many other bowls already in the house, so long as it can be sterilized)
  • Toiletries (they are almost all unnecessary, all you will need is aqueous cream for the bath and moisturising, andif they get a rash, use either Sudocreme or zinc & caster oil cream)
  • Anything that is linked solely to one method of feeding (if you’re not sure which way you’re going to go, the wait before purchasing items that are specifically for one or the other, i.e. what’s the use of a breast pump to a bottle fed baby.


Hopefully this has helped you in your shopping quest – remember much of it can be picked up from local NCT sales or your local Twins Club.

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