Weaning Twins – Ten Twin Weaning Tips

Time for some light-hearted tips on weaning twins… All learnt the hard way!!! 😉   Reproduced with kind permission from Crazy with Twins.

  1. Unless you enjoy starting your day with a smattering of pureed food products all over your clothes, in your hair, dripping from the walls and stuck to the carpet… don’t be tempted to feed twins in their bouncy chairs! When they get excited and twang themselves back, you’d be surprised at how far they can propel the contents of their mouths!
  2. Feed them before they ask – two screaming babies whilst you are trying to shovel baby rice in their slobbery mouths, does not make for a positive weaning experience! It’s all about the routine!
  3. Buy a floor covering!
  4. ALWAYS USE BIBS! Do not even go there, on the asking why! And no the normal bibs aren’t enough – you need the extra long ones… with sleeves! (In fact baby overalls might be better!)
  5. Buy a nose peg – this is where the nappies start to get stinkier!
  6. Do not lay your baby down after food, if you do… you WILL see that food again, sooner than you think!
  7. Make sure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand – there is a chicken and egg (which came first?) scenario that goes on here… Baby puts fist in mouth, covering fingers with puree. Do you wipe the mouth first (they will then smear foody fist all over their face) or do you wipe the hands first (they’ll just put the fist back in their foody mouth afterwards). You see? Bit of a messy circle you have there… and with twins – their are four hands and two mouths to clean. They honestly don’t care whose mouth their fist goes in as long as there’s food on it!
  8. Sit them far enough apart that they can’t reach each other (see tip number 7) but close enough that they can see each other.
  9. Make sure you feed each of them at the same speed – if one gets one mouthful more – they WILL shout about it!
  10. Time it right… and the husband can feed them!!! 🙂

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