Weaning: Starting Your Baby on Food

Description: When a baby sprouts those first teeth, it can cause so much joy in a parent because it marks an exciting time, whereas the child can start transitioning to solids. But the weaning process can be tricky and frustrating without the proper guidance.

Hold on to your hats. Things are about to get remarkably interesting in the wonderful world of your baby eating solids. You have done many things as your infant has grown. Clothing has gone from onesies to full outfits. Diapers have gone from ones designed for an infant to a crawler. You even moved from plastic to glass baby bottles. But this next evolution is the one you have been waiting for months.

Table food. Solid food. But now comes the puzzle of what to start with. What is a good first table food for baby? Is there a baby’s first finger food list? Should you prepare some homemade first baby food? And now that blessed time, that foray into this next new adventure seems potentially perilous. After all, you don’t want to screw this up. Getting yours weaned off their first baby food choices and on to solid food is paramount to their overall growth and well-being.

The trek to solids

Take a deep breath. In and out. It is going to be ok. Sure, this new chapter can be a little confusing, especially if you are new parents, but the upside is, it is evolution. Kids grow up. That is what they do. And as we all grow, we learn, we change, we try new things and decide whether we like them. And perhaps that is what your biggest worry is. You want yours to enjoy the same things you do. After all, how often have you eaten strained peas since you were in nappies?

As they grow, their nutritional needs grow, too. For instance, children need plenty of potassium, and whole bananas are the best source, so you make baby first food banana to get them interested in its flavor, and its contribution to their health, even if they don’t know it. Or maybe you love those veggies, so baby food vegetables first can set them on the path toward loving plant-based nutrients. Do you like eggs? Feeding baby egg yolk first food might be messy and possibly backfire if they have an aversion to the flavor, but you won’t know till you try.

Plenty of people can tell you the best first baby food for weaning yours on to solids, but no two babies are alike, and that’s a good thing. Information that is useful and does apply to almost all babies is a guided list of baby first stage food, designed specifically to assist in the weaning process. And they are fun for them to eat, so that also helps.

Notes on feeding practices

  • When introducing solids, it should be as part of an existing eating ritual you have established long before this step. Continuity and routine are crucial to keeping your child calm and focused. If you always wash their hands before a meal, it is even more important now since they will begin to self-feed, and you don’t want filthy hands going into their mouth.

  • Never give your child any finger foods that could lead to a choking hazard. This seems like a no brainer, but food like infant sausages can still get stuck in their throat. Bread is also a good thing to watch while they eat.
  • Be patient. Your child will be excited but also reserved in trying new things when it comes to eating. Let it come in their time, not yours. And prepare yourself for an impressive mess in the beginning. Many first solids options are simple and clean, but others can get all over the place.
  • New foods can also mean discovering new allergies. Your child might have celiac disease, and at the first hint of gluten, they need to be rushed to the ER. An infant in anaphylactic shock can be terrifying. Know the procedures in the event the worst should happen. A prepared parent is a parent that doesn’t panic.

  • There are charts of age groups in correlation to when they should be trying certain foods. Those are rough estimates. Babies mature at different rates. But the tables are close, so use them as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.


We all want the best for our children. We want them to grow and learn and thrive in a nurturing household,surrounding them with love and good intentions. Yours is going to be the best version of themselves, based squarely on the influence they see in you. Be the best version of yourself, and by example, they will evolve with the aspiration of being just like you. Have you had any luck with different ideas that helped your baby wean onto solids?

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