Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Twin Zygosity DNA testing from International Biosciences is the best method to find out if twins are identical or non-identical. IBDNA uses a simple mouth swab from each twin which is then sent to our laboratory for processing. Monozygotic twins, or Identical twins, have precisely the same genetic profile and non-identical twins (dizygotic) have different genetic profiles. IBDNA provides fast accurate twin zygosity DNA testing to find out if your twin is identical, fraternal or just a sibling. These issues are very important and can be a deciding factor in major medical decisions such as organ transplants. The success of an organ transplant may rest on whether twins are identical or fraternal. Another reason for taking the test is pure curiosity, for example new parents who want to satisfy their curiosity as to whether their twin babies are identical or fraternal. Whatever the reason, IBDNA can help you find the answers.

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The Science Behind Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

One in six births are twins and it has been documented that 30% of twins are identical and the remaining 70% are fraternal. To explain a little about the difference in twins and how they are conceived: fraternal twins are two different eggs fertilised by two sperm while identical twins are created by two sperm which fertilize the same egg. Thus identical twins are carbon copies of each other as they are from the same egg.

Twins and Organ Transplants

Organ transplants between identical twins are hardly ever rejected. Since identical twins have the exact same DNA, they also share the same HLA antigen. It is difficult to have a successful organ transplant where the donor and receiver do not have the same HLA antigens and immunosuppressants must be used to decrease the chances of organ rejection. With identical twins organ rejection is less of an issue as their identical DNA means they have the same HLA antigen and thus, make suitable donors to each other. The receiver’s body does not detect the implanted organ as foreign and thus, does not trigger the autoimmune response.

Collecting the Sample

This couldn’t be easier and the test can be carried out at any age. The kit you receive contains 2 mouth swabs per participant along with the instructions, consent and submission forms and a pre-addressed return envelope. It is a very non-intrusive method as it involves simply using the mouth swab to collect cells inside the cheek. Once we receive the swabs at our UK office the turnaround time is 5-7 working days and, voila, you have your twin zygosity dna test complete and the answers you were looking for.

More Information about Twin DNA Testing

For more information about DNA testing twins, please visit the website or contact International Biosciences on 01273 227544 or email

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