Tiny Trolls – no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing…

“But what do you do when it is raining?”, a concerned parent asked us on a particularly wet morning  “We put on suitable clothes to keep us dry”, we replied, as we set off on foot to enjoy the British weather.     Our twins have grown up to love the outdoors and the weather has never stopped us having fun, which is the same way of thinking that the people behind Tiny Trolls have too.


Tiny Trolls of Norway create quality outdoor wear for children aged 1-8. Founded by childcare experts with more than 25 years experience they know how hard looking after twins and multiple births can be, with the need to keep them entertained together and also nurture their individuality.


The Tiny Trolls of Norway range is fun and functional, and comes in a variety of colour schemes to allow siblings to mix and match or make an individual statement!


Tiny Trolls too,  believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing, and are campaigning to get Britain’s kids playing outside again, whatever the weather.  Their products are of very high quality and are designed with both parents and children’s needs in mind. They like to think that they have thought of every little detail in the designs and have used only the highest quality materials in producing our clothing.




They also recognise the extra strain that clothing twins and multiple births can put on families, so offer an exclusive 25% discount on all sets of outfits bought for these special siblings. Simply email family@tinytrollsofnorway.com with the names and dates of birth of the children you are buying for, and we will send you a unique code to enter at checkout.


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