The What, Where and When Of Bagging Yourself A Bargain

Many people love to find a good old bargain both in store and even online. However, it can be difficult to know where to look when trying to knock some cash off the steep price tag clipped onto absolutely everything that you wish you could afford. So, what are the ins and outs of successful bargaining and how can you become a bargain expert?

Shop Online

More often than not, online shopping stores offer great value for money. If you walk into your local jewellery and watch store, chances are you can’t leave with a watch without taking out a large chunk from your bank balance. However if you take a look through an online retailer’s selection, such as Tic Watches, you are guaranteed to find high quality brands at even lower prices than on the high street.


Have you ever bought an expensive dress or pair of jeans and then when you visit the same store again just the next day, it’s on sale? This can be incredibly irritating and many people are unaware that you can ask for a price adjustment. According to fashion magazine Glamour, many retailers offer a full credit for the difference in price if the sale occurred within seven to ten days of your original purchase.


A tried and tested method of saving money with a bargain is to collect coupons and actually use them. Coupons sometimes offer half price bargains or specific targeted sales offers etc. You need to make sure that you read the terms of use that come with the acquired coupon so that you know exactly how and where you can use it, to get yourself a great bargain.

Compare Websites

For bigger purchases, such as flight tickets or insurance for example, comparison websites are your best chance to get the right price. However, comparison sites only show the companies who have paid them to be shown in the results. According to This is Money, this can be a good thing because suppliers ‘value their reputation and their commercial relationships, so it means you can be fairly certain you’re not dealing with cowboys.’

Free Shipping Services

Instead of paying extra for shipping costs, seek out websites that offer free shipping or special discounted postage services. Make sure you check every website’s shipping terms before making a purchase or you could end up paying a bill for a huge delivery cost.

Search Discounts

Many jobs offer specific discounts. For example, teachers can get discount on travel services in the UK, as well as education discounts on tech products. Don’t be afraid to seek out eligible discounts that could apply to you, you could end up saving lots on your shopping bills each month.


Don’t be afraid to talk the price down with the sales person. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. This won’t work on the high street but sometimes you can get a better deal on the price in the car sales room or on a damaged item, which can be a huge difference, no matter how small the savings may be.

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