Step by step potty-training tips

Made it to that amazing stage where you’re counting down the days until you don’t have to change any more nappies? We’ve got you covered with some super easy potty-training tips for boys and girls right here!

How do you know when to potty train?

 According to the NHS a child of one should have stopped doing a poo at night, whilst it’s not until the age of four that children are reliably both day and night.

What do you need for potty training?

Whether you go for a potty or straight to the toilet, there are a few things you should consider picking up when you start potty training. These include:

  • A potty OR a stall and toddler seat for the toilet
  • Potty training pants OR underwear
  • Fun teaching tools. For example; potty training books or episodes from their favourite TV programme.

Top potty-training tips

With these top tips you can be sure you’ll be ready for potty training!

  1. Make sure you’re ready too. Obviously, it’s important to know when your child is ready to potty train. From having the right equipment to being prepared for extra washing and potential accidents; it’s also important to know you’re ready too!
  2. Be ready to reward them! Whether this is simply praising your child for doing well or setting up a reward chart.  
  3. Make it fun. Whether you invest in a doll who helps with the training or you choose an exciting potty or toilet training set; make sure it’s something your child will enjoy. This will make it easier to encourage them to take the big steps to being dry.
  4. Specifics for boys. When it comes to potty-training tips for boys, there are a couple of specifics you should take note of:
    1. Teach him to sit first. This will ensure you have more success when it comes to mess free potty training! This is especially important until your son is able to distinguish between bladder and bowel movements.
    1. Teach him by example. Boys are likely to notice that mummy sits, while daddy stands when going to the toilet. Teaching your son by example is a great way to ensure he knows what to do.
  5. Specifics for girls. Whilst potty training girls may seem simple; don’t forget you need to teach them about wiping properly to prevent infection. They should always wipe from front to back, especially if they have done a poo.


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