Stacey’s Least Favourite

Since giving birth to the twins (Catie and Layla) in February 2012, I has found the whole experience overwhelming yet hilarious and I feel like I needed to share it with the world.

I always found it slightly nauseating when friends would post sickly-sweet posts about their perfect angelic children, when my experience of rearing children slightly different; especially having twins.  So I wanted to let people know what it was really like for me, and feel the plight of a parent that had a litter instead of a baby.

Since then, I’ve been sharing facebook status updates titled, “Stacey’s Least Favourite Twin of the Day Award,” where I shame whichever twin I feel caused me the most grief on that particular day via the medium of social networking. I thought that people would relate to my posts as I aim to show the honest side to twins. Recently Ive been turning these anecdotes into cartoons, just for fun really.

I studied Fine Art and Architecture before going on to start my own clothing company for little girls, The Little Dress Company so drawing and sketching are hobbies of mine that I love to do whenever I get a spare five minutes from “Mummy, Layla took my doll” or “Mummy, Catie hit me…”. So I have been sketching away…

Click on the each of the following to see what Catie and Layla have been up to, something new every other week!

 running round the shop

layla marker pen scrambled egg raspberries XMAS TWINS Standing in the Potty Stealing Dummies Bath Accident Cookie Catie Catie wee Layla Drawing

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