Sleep Well

As any parent knows, having just one child can be one of life’s biggest challenges, but if you have been blessed with twins, you have got twice as much to think about, from wardrobes to sleeping habits.

Your twins are used to sharing everything from the womb onwards, so it may seem like a great idea to keep two baby cribs in the same room while the pair are very young. However, as they begin to get older, they may have different ideas, which can depend on individual personalities and their genders. If you’ve got a bigger house, you may want to consider giving your children separate bedrooms as they enter junior school – this rite of passage may give them a new sense of independence and the desire to have their own space.

Once, a bed was a bed was a bed, but these days there are so many to choose from and easy to find, for example Bedsos online.

While it’s great to establish brotherly or sisterly bonds, discipline is also something to consider when planning your children’s bedrooms. Having your children share their bedroom can be distracting, especially twins who will be going to bed at the same time.    A bigger house, more rooms, it certainly helps.

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