Fun & Frugal Ideas for February Half Term

The February half term is creeping upon us very quickly, and the age old problem of thinking up ideas to keep the kids busy for a week will no doubt resurface.  Entertaining our bundles of joy doesnít come cheap, especially if you donít want them sitting in front of the TV for a week.  Getting the kids active and partaking in educational activities can be hard work, but have come up with some ideas to help combat a dry spell of ideas and ease the pressure off your wallet.

Go away for a few days

Getting away from your home routine can be fantastic for the kids and parents.  It doesnít have to cost a fortune either as February is typically a quiet month for the travel industry, especially in the UK as it is still classed as winter.  Pick a location with museums, art galleries and places to go walking which are all free activities.  You can also book hotels for low prices too by using a Travelodge discount code or other low cost hotel vouchers.  A few days away need not cost the earth if you plan properly and take advantage of the many free activities that the UK has to offer. Alternatively, take the time to go and visit some relatives; hopefully you wonít have to pay for hotels at all!


Have a car boot sale

February half term is the ideal time to get rid of any clutter you have lying around the house. With the kids at home for the week you have the perfect excuse to ask them to have a (near) spring clean of their own. They can then get rid of any clothes and toys that they no longer need any more (with your permission of course), perhaps things they acquired at Christmas that they donít use. You can do the same with your own things and household items that you no longer have a use for.  You can even make money from this by having a car boot sale.  Set up your own shop and let the kids keep the money from the items they sell to put towards something new.  This is a fantastic family activity that can make money; not spend it.


Go into town

But do things you wouldnít usually do.  We Brits donít usually take advantage of what ís on our doorstep.  Take the bus into your nearest big town or city and explore the history of where you live, including visiting the sights, museums and points of historical interest.  You could even do a walking tour of your city or hop on a big red tour bus.  This is something typically only done when you visit a different city, but can be really eye-opening if done close to where you live.  This is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about where theyíre from and the traditions that their city had or still upholds.


Host a crafts day

Supply the little ones with some coloured card, water colours, crayons or whatever you have available and let their creativity flow.  Ask them to make some Easter cards or if you have a relative or friend that has a Birthday coming up as them to make a card for that.  Giving them a project like this will keep their minds active as well as creating an afternoon of fun for near enough no cost.



Turn the kids into future Jamie Oliverís

Take an afternoon to teach the kids how to bake cakes, make mini pizzas or cook something they love from scratch.  This not only will educate the kids on what goes into these foods but will also be a lot of fun. Be prepared though, little chefís can be extremely messy!



Written by Rachael Miller from the Shopping and Vouchers team from

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