Create a Bedroom For Your Little One That Will Last

Having babies is an expensive endeavor, so every sensible parent is looking for ways to keep costs down. When the time comes to transform your babys nursery into your children’s very own bedroom, if you do it right, you won’t have to shell out a fortune over the years to keep updating it as they grow. Use these lasting tips to create a room that can be economically modified without breaking the bank as your little one develops.



Get The Bed Right

As the centre piece of the bedroom it’s extremely important to get it right. It can be tempting to go for a thematic, cute or childish bed frame, however this isn’t going to age well. Practicality ages well. No matter how old your kid is, they’re always going to need storage, so find a frame that offers this.

Equally practical, you can go for a frame with a pullout bed for those sleepovers, or a loft bed which offers a play-den and storage space which can be transformed into a study area hence adapting with their age. Just don’t go for a frame in the shape of a racing car that you’ll just have to replace as soon as they grow out of it. You can still get thematic bed covers, throws and pillows as these can be easily replaced as they grow up.

Invest in a good mattress that will last for years (yes, you really can start your child in a queen sized bed instead of upgrading the size every few years!). Helix Sleep offer a range of mattresses with varying firmness and can recommend different models for different needs. Getting the right mattress can do wonders for your youngster’s sleep and development, and it should last through all the mayhem your kid piles on.



Colour scheme

My childhood bedroom consisted of pink starry wallpaper with a cutesy Noah’s Ark border which didn’t change until I was 17. This isn’t something that matched my flourishing gothic style, but my mum couldn’t afford to redecorate, so I lived with rearranging things and putting up lots of posters.

Avoid the babyish wallpaper and childish paint designs, try a neutral colour that isn’t restricted to a certain age. You can still get soft colours like purple or blue that simultaneously give off an innocent feel and a more teeny vibe depending on the other interior elements.

However whites and greys are truly timeless and can be spiced up in other ways. Try setting a colour scheme instead with the bedding and accessories, things which can be conveniently swapped as preferences begin to change. You can even use things like wall tattoos that can simply be peeled off (make sure you get the right type), or poster and artwork to suit different stages as your mini human evolves.

The key here is simply to think long term. Don’t invest in anything that looks good now but realistically won’t last. Think ahead and save your pennies.

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