Air travel with prams and carrycots

With more and more airlines insisting prams, carrycots and carseats go in their own bags in the aircraft hold, many parents are left with the frustration of trying to find a bag for their items. Many double prams, carrycots and carseats do not have such bags, so parents have to find their own solutions and make do.
Not any more! Genesis is a UK based manufacturer of bespoke/made to measure travel bags for a wide range of applications. Whatever your make, model of pram, carrycot or carseat you can now get an award winning Genesis Travel Bag to suit.
This means that even Double or Triple buggies can now have a perfect fitting bag at a very cost-effective price.
For instance a Genesis Pram Travel Bag for a double buggy would be £26.99 for an un-padded bag or £39.99 for a padded bag. Each bag comes with carry handles, shoulder strap and a decent sized outer pocket to help keep items away from dirty wheels inside the bag.
Designed with an extra wide opening for ease of access/egress our award winning bags are second to none. Made in England to the highest attainable standards our bags will primarily help keep the contents clean and dry during flights (who wants to put their baby in something dirty and wet at the other end?). They also reduce the potential for damage to expensive items from the bumps, scrapes and sometimes negligent baggage handling systems. Better to have friction burns on a £30 bag than a £600 pram!
Any Twinsclub reader wishing to purchase a travel bag can email us for a special discount code for one of our retail partners. This code will knock 10% off the price of your chosen made to measure bag. 
With four children of our own, Genesis owners understand that keeping the costs down for large families is very important and we hope this helps.


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