10 tips for washing your baby’s clothes and toys

There is nothing more precious than our children. Preparing for their arrival, (and knowing what to do once they are here), comes with many different roads to navigate. From washing baby clothes before birth to advice on what to use to clean baby toys, we have everything you need to take care of your baby’s stuff.

Top tips for washing your baby’s clothes

  1. Always make sure that you wash them before baby arrives in the world. Washing baby clothes before birth has two main benefits.
    • Firstly, washing the clothes will ensure that you have clean, germ free clothing for your newborn (especially important if they are hand-me-downs which have been in storage!)
    • Secondly, washing the clothes will soften the material, getting it ready to be placed on your baby’s soft, delicate skin.
  2. Use baby safe wash products. There are so many products available on the market these days but look out for gentle detergents and fabric conditioners. Non-bio works best.
  3. Check the care label. Every item of clothing, even tiny baby clothes, comes with a care label. Take care to read the label and wash and dry the clothing accordingly.
  4. Ensure you separate your washing. There are two important ways your baby’s washing should be separated.
    • Whites and colours should always be done in different washes.
    • If you, or anyone else in the household has been unwell, ensure that the clothing, blankets and other items are washed on their own, not with your baby’s items.
  5. Deal with stains promptly. If your baby gets poo or vomit (or food once they are weaning) on their clothing, it is important to deal with it quickly to prevent permanent staining. Tip away any solids, and rinse under a tap. Some may need soaking in a stain removal product before washing.

Top tips for cleaning your baby’s toys

  1. Clean the toys at least once or twice a week. Babies like to put everything in their mouth. This makes cleaning your baby’s toys regularly imperative.
  2. Try to avoid strong, chemical cleaners. Especially if baby is likely to put the toy in their mouth (which they will!) Soap and water will do a grand job!
  3. Take particular care if the toy is battery operated. Obviously these should not be submerged in water, so use a cloth with water and soap to give their surface a clean.
  4. In a rush? You can use the dishwasher, or even a water-based baby wipe to clean a plastic toy off.
  5. Let them dry before giving them back to your baby. Take care to allow them to dry out fully to prevent mould build-up. The best place to do this is outside in the breeze.

So, whether you are preparing for baby’s arrival or currently rocking your little bundle of joy to sleep, you have all the tips and tricks you need for taking care of their clothes and toys.

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