The Benefits of Baby Massage

Although it is not as common in the western world, it is becoming more recognised, with many studies being completed on the benefits of baby massage both for the baby and the parent.  Baby massage is a selection of gentle strokes and moves you complete with your baby, it is a fantastic time for you to spend with your baby or babies and really focus on them. We would recommend babies are about 6 weeks to 6 months when you start a course, however you can continue massage for as long as they enjoy it.

Hi I am Suzie Hawker and I run Shoreham Baby Massage. I am a qualified nursery nurse and baby massage instructor based in Shoreham by Sea.  Up until recently I have been managing a large day nursery. I decided I wanted to get back to working directly with parents and babies and so started Shoreham Baby Massage.

Baby massage has many benefits both for the baby and the parent. Below are a few.

  • Helps with colic, constipation and wind.
  • Supports bonding and attachment
  • Aids Sleep
  • Supports growth and development
  • Helps parents suffering with post-natal depression
  • Develops early communication
  • Promotes growth and development in premature babies.


Just 10 minutes of massage will help relax you and your baby.  Today we all have busy lives often rushing from one thing to the next, but once you have completed a baby massage course you can carry on at home.  In the courses I have run it has been fantastic to see parents really focusing on their baby or babies, watching the bond really developing between them in front of my eyes.
Baby massage is for all, first time to well established parents, mums or dads young or old if your baby is between 6 weeks and 6 months then a Baby Massage course could really benefit you.

I offer a variety of courses, both group and individual, depending on what the parent would like. I have worked with families with twins many times over the years and feel baby massage can really benefit both the parent and the twins.  I can teach you to massage your twins at the same time so no need to have a second adult and it gives you a real focussed time with your babies.

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