Four Tricks to Never Forget Anything Again

Are you one of those people who forgets important appointments? You go to the store for bread, come back with milk and eggs but forgot the bread? You go to the kitchen to get something and once you’re there you forgot what you came for? You’re not alone and fortunately, help is available in a number of ways.


Toad Diaries

Even though we live in an age dominated by technology, for easy reference nothing beats a real paper diary. Toad diaries are available in hard back which lays flat when open, soft bound and easy flexing, and spiral bound with a hard front and back cover. All three come in a variety of colours. These books are the perfect solution to write down appointments, keep track of events, write down addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, shopping lists, or anything else you need to remember.

Use Visual Prompts

Alternatively, you can make use of visual prompts to help you remember things. If you don’t fancy pieces of paper floating around everywhere, you can make use of sticky notes. Sticky notes you can put on the refrigerator, on a wall, on a mirror, on your computer screen, basically everywhere. You can even stick them on the dashboard of your car to remind you to pick up the dry cleaning, have the tire pressure checked, or fill the gas tank.


Train Your Brain

If you’re worried that you brain power is slipping, there are a few things you can do to train your brain. You can play games on your computer specifically designed for you to remember things. You can also do crossword puzzles, Sudoku games, chess, or minehunter, all games that require you to think or engage in problem solving.

To boost your brain power, limit the time you spent in front of TV. Watching TV for too long has been linked to people going into a vegetative state. If you’re going to watch something, give preference to a comedy, or at least an upbeat movie versus a drama. It has been proven that a person’s brain functions better after laughter.


Get Some Exercise

Whether you like swimming, running or just a relaxed walk around the block, regular exercise is known to get the heart pumping, supplying a surge of blood to the brain. Exercise encourages brain growth as well as preserve current brain cells.

Just as exercise is good for the brain, so is sleeping. Brain cells die during waking hours and replenish themselves during sleep. As such, it’s vital to get at least six to eight hours of sleep at night.

To further improve brain power, eat the right food. Avocados are known to improve concentration and memory; beets increase blood flow which is beneficial to the brain; blueberries protect the brain from stress; while broccoli is loaded with goodness, not just for the brain but your whole body.

While brain power won’t increase overnight, with regular exercise, fresh food and brain teasers you will soon notice a difference.

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