Forum Terms


Twinsclub operate open forums. When registering with the site, users are only asked for an email address and screen name.  We have no means of checking who people actually are, therefore it is important that you exercise normal caution when dealing with people you have never met before, just as you would in any other public forum such as a coffee morning.  It is suggested you use a forum name and not your full name.

Please be aware that our forums are partially viewable by those not logged in and by search engines.   Non members cannot view attachments, pages to the forum and pages to posts.

It is easy to forget this when people are comfortable with a website and personal details begin to emerge. If you choose not to hide your email address, Twinsclub cannot be held responsible for any spamming which arises as a result. Give out your email address only if you want to receive email. If you post your email address on the site, you’ve made it public and given other users tacit permission to contact you.  Never divulge private information about another user online. That includes the user’s real name, email address, and any other personal information that the user has not made public. Don’t forward or post private messages that someone has sent you unless you have his or her permission. Only send email to another Twinsclub member if they have given you express permission. Please don’t solicit other people’s personal information.


Forum Netiquette : Please refrain from the following:

  • Shouting – the use of capital letters in all your chat or forum postings is considered “shouting” online, makes other members uncomfortable, and is difficult to read. Ditto the use of bold.
  • Multiple posting – please don’t post the same message on different forums. It confuses us.
  • Firing off – Please afford your fellow posters the same respect that you would do on the telephone or face to face.
  • Personal Messages – Wherever possible we would ask you to use personal messaging to contact another forum user, rather than posting on the forum.  Posts aimed at only one person can lead to feelings of alienation from those not involved in the thread.
  • Adveritising & solicitations – Twinsclub Forums are for the exchange of advice and information. They are not to be used to solicit goods, services or money, or to advertise or sell products or services to others without prior approval from Twinsclub ( Using the forum to directly recruit members for another website or chat group will be considered spamming, and will not be tolerated.
  • Problem reporting – For technical problems or for message content/user issues contact us at
  • Copyrights – By posting information and/or photos on the forums you are first checking that nothing violates anyone’s copyright.  It is your responsibility to check the copyright status of any material before posting on the boards. Users of the forum should immediately inform if they see or suspect a copyright is being violated.


Many of our members are here because our forums are so friendly – if people have disagreements over issues, then they voice them politely, with respect and grace. It is really easy for postings to be misinterpreted – people who don’t know your sense of humour or your turn of phrase may completely misunderstand your intention, and feelings can be hurt. Similarly, when reading a message, before leaping to the (possibly wrong) conclusion that a poster was having a go at you, please give people the benefit of the doubt, and uncomfortable situations can be avoided.

Anything obscene, vulgar, illegal (including viruses), harmful, insulting, threatening or abusive will be removed without warning. Please refrain from making any defamatory, libellous or untrue comments or statements. Harassing another Twinsclub member is never acceptable and people doing so will be removed from the members list. You’re free to discuss your personal views, including your religious beliefs and parenting choices, anywhere in our site. But please don’t attack the beliefs and life choices of others as wrong or misguided — or tell others what they should believe or how they should live. Posts like this constitute personal attacks, and we’ll delete them.

Please don’t use our forums to generate traffic for another pregnancy, baby, or parenting website or community. This goes against basic etiquette. Mentioning a certain product and it’s website once is fine (and is called information), but mentioning it every day, posting photo’s of your purchases with details of how to buy, cost etc etc is not (and is called spamming). We’ll delete posts that, in our judgement, mention or link to other sites for the sole purpose of encouraging our users to participate elsewhere. It’s perfectly okay to mention, link to, or discuss other web sites that you believe will be of genuine interest to other forum users, as long as they don’t violate our other guidelines above.

Unfortunately it is a fact that sites are occasionally frequented by people who are not who they claim to be. Known as trolling, there are a few sad individuals who gain pleasure out of causing disturbance in otherwise peaceful waters. Please alert your forum moderator ( if you have any concerns in this area. Twinsclub is a friendly community and we operate a zero tolerance policy on aggressive, confrontational, insulting or harassing behaviour — if your behaviour in your messages display any of these characteristics, you and the messages will be removed from our site. Twinsclub will also remove messages if the information contained in them turns out to be untrue or the person posting is using multiple identities or is attempting to mislead people. Those responsible for posting such messages will also be banned from using the site.

Contact us If you have any concerns about any of the above, or you experience any problems whilst using the forum, please contact us as soon as possible.