Making Sense Of Child Car Seat Laws In The UK

The rules and regulations concerning the use of child car seats – and the variations and exceptions in their use – can be difficult to understand. There’s also the present situation of a new seat standard – i-Size – running side-by-side with the present one. The regulations can seem harder than anything you tackle in […]

Tales of Potty Training

We’ve had many posts on our forums about potty training over the years here at Twinsclub, and some great advice and top tips have surfaced. We’ve put together a few of our members recollections to help you with this seemingly monumental task. Take heart though, it’s often a lot worse than you think it’s going […]


Expecting Multiples? Upgrades you Might Need

It can be extremely exciting to discover that you are expecting twins or multiples, but it probably goes without saying that you’ll have to prepare in a very different way than if you were only expecting one child. Here are some of the upgrades you should think about making if you are expecting multiples. In […]

Step by step potty-training tips

Made it to that amazing stage where you’re counting down the days until you don’t have to change any more nappies? We’ve got you covered with some super easy potty-training tips for boys and girls right here! How do you know when to potty train?  According to the NHS a child of one should have […]

Make Children Fall in Love with Bedtime

If we were to point out one specific difference between children and adults, it would have to be the difference in their fondness for bedtime! Children don’t appreciate the value of quality sleep nearly as much as adults do, which in turn is another reason why parents often lose their own precious few hours of […]

Parent like a Triplet – book review

Written with humor and honesty,  ‘Parent like a Triplet’ by Norwegian identical triplet Kari Ertresvåg is out on Amazon on 20th Feb 2020. The book is a rare first person glimpse into what it’s like to grow up a multiple and an A-to-Z on parenting twins and triplets. Parents who have already read it say it is “a […]

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