Your Guide to Designing a Baby’s Nursery

As you prepare to welcome your new babies into your home, designing a nursery is one of the most fun activities you’ll get to do. Naturally, the aesthetics matter a great deal, but it’s also important to consider the practicalities. Follow our guide to ensure you get a beautiful nursery room that works for you and you little ones.

Decorate for you as well as your babies

With twins, you can be sure you’ll be spending almost as much time in their nursery as they do. Make it an environment that’s comfortable and enjoyable for you as well as them. Choose a colour palette that will be soothing for all of you, and make sure you have a very comfortable chair to breastfeed in. Think about what you’ll need at 2am when you’re on nightshift with a hungry little one – somewhere to charge your phone, a book? Here are some tips from a mum who’s been there.


Take some royal inspiration for your little prince or princess

As Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle prepare for the arrival of their first born, speculation is rife about what their nursery will be like. According to some sources, the couple has rejected pinks and blues in favour of gender-neutral colours, and they are making every effort to make the nursery eco-friendly and sustainable. Creams and greys are very trendy at the moment, and give your nursery a sophisticated, modern feel.


Choose artwork that will date well

If you do opt for neutral tones for your walls, you can add touches of colour by putting beautiful prints up. If you’re looking for cutesy prints for nurseries and kid’s rooms, you can’t go wrong with adorable animals. Bright colours will stimulate your little ones, so try not to have too many of those right by their cots. Educational prints that help your infants learn their letters and numbers are also a great idea. It’s also easy to swap in more age-appropriate prints as your babies grow into infancy and become children.


Twins means twice as much storage

Having twins is so exciting – knowing that your little ones are born with a best friend for life! In the short-term though, it means you need to put some extra thought into how storage will work in your nursery – because the mounds of baby grows you need doubles – not to mention all the other equipment and nappies!

Make sure that your nursery is designed with lots of storage in mind – you’ll need high shelves where you can store things safely and lots of large drawers to easily put things away and find them. Don’t forget to think ahead and make sure it’s all baby-proofed, it might feel a long way away now, but your little ones will be crawling around the floor and trying to climb into drawers in no time.


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