Home adjustments: making space for twins

Your journey through parenthood will be surprising, challenging, and often, unexpected. When it comes to having twins, the prospect of getting “two for one” was probably the biggest surprise of all! Were you shocked or excited? Truth is you probably felt every emotion under the sun, and your biggest question remains – how will I ever prepare myself and the house for two children!?

Designing the perfect nursery and stocking up on the right supplies for them is one thing, and while they are young they can probably share a room, but there will come an age where they need their own space, and you’ll have to consider creating individual environments for them both.


Peas in a pod: creating privacy

It might be tempting to think that because you have twins, identical or not, they’re going to get on like a house on fire. But this isn’t always the case. Just as with regular siblings, even with mono-zygotic twins, differences in personality and contrasting interests can interfere with the perfect alliance and cause friction in their relationship with each other.

Even in the case that they do not get along, it can be beneficial for any child to share a room with a sibling, and it may be a necessity to begin with if you simply don’t have the space. You can make room sharing much easier by ensuring each child has their own space within the room, and control over their own positions. An easy way to do this, however tempting it is to get bunk beds, is by setting up the room with two loft beds. Each child then has a space of their own under their beds within the shared room, but it’s still easy for them to collaborate and have fun if they fancy.


Growing out of sharing a twin room

Whether it’s as they reach adolescence or long before, there will come a time where they crave their own space and privacy (or they simply can’t put up with each other anymore) and enabling them to have separate rooms will be the best path for their personal development. Being able to retreat to their room and get away from each other could even improve their relationship with one another. Having separate rooms also gives them more responsibility and is something for them to have pride over if they invite their friends around.

If you have the space in the form of a spare room or a playroom, it’s time to shuffle around your arrangement. Not only will they be thrilled to have a space to call their own, but you can have all the fun together designing their new rooms and allowing them to take creative rein to design a space that they love. There are plenty of places to take ideas and inspiration, such as Juliettes Interiors. If you need to upsize in order to give them separate rooms, this also presents you with the opportunity to make some changes for you!

Everyone is different (even your identical twins!) so finding a set up that works for your situation is ultimately down to you and your family.

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