Step by Step Guide to Christmas Dinner


It’s nearly time! We know how life with twins sometimes needs military planning for even the simplest of things, so when it comes to Christmas day and the all important christmas dinner it is something that is not only planned well in advance but we might even start days ahead. Click on the following guide from […]

Weaning Twins – Ten Twin Weaning Tips


Time for some light-hearted tips on weaning twins… All learnt the hard way!!! 😉   Reproduced with kind permission from Crazy with Twins. Unless you enjoy starting your day with a smattering of pureed food products all over your clothes, in your hair, dripping from the walls and stuck to the carpet… don’t be tempted to […]

Start the Day in a Good Way – Breakfast

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It is Farmhouse Breakfast Week, starting 20th January and going on for the whole week. While breakfast is seen as the most important meal of the day, around half of us skip it and those who do take part it can become a stressful and rushed event fitted between making packed lunches and finding socks […]

It’s Just a Phase


by Lindsey Gray   You’re bound to have heard it over and over again.  Your children are driving you to distraction, there is a dark cloud of depression threatening to move in with you, and you’d rather watch re-runs of This Is Your Life than hear another tired old cliche. That’s when someone pops up […]