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picture of two adorable twins over white

Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Twin Zygosity DNA testing from International Biosciences is the best method to find out if twins are identical or non-identical. IBDNA uses a simple mouth swab from each twin which is then sent to our laboratory for processing. Monozygotic twins, or Identical twins, have precisely the same genetic profile and non-identical twins (dizygotic) have different […]


Our Day Out (And why it’s impossible to nip out with twins…)

We had our first full day out today. I used the word ‘full’ even though we were only out for less than an hour. It just took all day to get ready……  read more from Sam Avery (reproduced with kind permission – see more from his blog, twitter, and facebook) First thing to negotiate was the […]


Stacey’s Least Favourite

Since giving birth to the twins (Catie and Layla) in February 2012, I has found the whole experience overwhelming yet hilarious and I feel like I needed to share it with the world. I always found it slightly nauseating when friends would post sickly-sweet posts about their perfect angelic children, when my experience of rearing […]

running round the shop

Stacey’s Least Favourite – Running Round the Shop

Drawing – Both of Them See more cartoons from Stacey.


Weaning Twins – Ten Twin Weaning Tips

Time for some light-hearted tips on weaning twins… All learnt the hard way!!! 😉   Reproduced with kind permission from Crazy with Twins. Unless you enjoy starting your day with a smattering of pureed food products all over your clothes, in your hair, dripping from the walls and stuck to the carpet… don’t be tempted to […]


Breastfeeding twins, triplets and quads. What you need to know

Reproduced with kind permission from Vesta Birth & Parenting website:     If your expecting twins or more you may be wondering about your feeding choices. When I say choice, I mean it very loosely. I know as well as most, that mums of multiples in some circumstances don’t actually have the opportunity for true […]

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