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Bath Accident

Stacey’s Least Favourite – Accident in the Bath!

An unpleasant discovery in the bath…

Cookie Catie

Stacey’s Least Favourite – Who Stole the Cookies?


Introducing our new Classifieds Section

We have had a very active Classifieds Ad section in the past, indeed many items for twins and multiples are expensive and so selling on is a good way to go (especially when sometimes an item is used for such a short amount of time).    Over the years though various part of functionality had […]


Imagine Not Being Able to Hug your Baby…

A routine check, which meant a day off work for us for the appointment in the morning, and then to the local cafe for a toasted sandwich to get excited over the scan pictures. Never would we have thought that hours later we would be parents of twins, the toasted sandwich would have to wait… […]

Catie wee

Stacey’s Least Favourite – Wee


Introducing our Clubs Section

Our aim is to bring clubs around the country together, to allow parents lost in the world of newborn twins and multiples a local helping hand.   When Twinsclub started over 10 years ago there was little on the Internet to offer help for parents, the whole purpose of Twinsclub’s creation as a website was […]

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