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How to survive your first holiday abroad with the kids

  With so many baby friendly holidays available these days, there’s no need to stay at home just because you have kids. Of course, leaving the house might seem a mission when you first become a parent and the thought of boarding a plane might give you palpitations, but if you want to go away, […]


Make room for new babies

Welcoming members to the family brings with it a whole set of challenges, and requires a certain amount of compromise. The chances are that if you live anywhere near London, extra space in your home is almost unheard of. For many the option of moving into a bigger home is out of the question, and […]


How It Feels To Become A Mum To Twins

I won’t have vomit on everything I wear one day, and I won’t have nappies to deal with forever, but from now on, I’m not the same person and I’m not the centre of my life any more. It seems obvious and although pregnancy gives you some time to prepare you for this fact, you […]


Simple Crafts to do with the Kids

Arts and crafts is an incredibly useful activity for kids to engage with because it helps them to develop their creativity whilst urging them to carry out a more critical thinking point of view through the act of creating and designing. According to the National Society for Education in Art & Design, by giving your […]


Learning through sand and water play

Small children discover the world around them by using their senses. They touch, squeeze, smell, taste and look. Texture, colour, even the noise something makes as fingers are run over it – it all provides a motivation for play, and through that play, learning. Water and sand in particular provide countless opportunities for tactile, imaginative […]


Does Messy Play have a Positive Impact on Children’s Learning?

Children are quite hands on with new things, this is how they learn. Taking part in ‘messy play’ is just another aspect of a fun, healthy and productive childhood. When a child gets ‘messy’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are rolling about in the dirt or splashing around in muddy puddles, it simply refers […]

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