Tiny Trolls – no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing…

“But what do you do when it is raining?”, a concerned parent asked us on a particularly wet morning  “We put on suitable clothes to keep us dry”, we replied, as we set off on foot to enjoy the British weather.     Our twins have grown up to love the outdoors and the weather […]


5 Common Pests in the UK and How to Deal with Them

No matter where you live in the UK your home is likely to attract a pest at some point. Some can be particularly unpleasant, but knowing how to spot signs of one of these home invaders, and how to deal with them, will give you the upper hand when they make their way inside. Rodents […]


Crafty Garden Ideas

We may have missed out on Organic September, but that should not stop you!  Here are some ideas to share with your children,  grow your own herbs and fruit – maybe a great activity to do as a family for these autumn weekends….  click on the following activities for more information. Build a bottle bird feeder: […]


Does Messy Play have a Positive Impact on Children’s Learning?

Children are quite hands on with new things, this is how they learn. Taking part in ‘messy play’ is just another aspect of a fun, healthy and productive childhood. When a child gets ‘messy’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are rolling about in the dirt or splashing around in muddy puddles, it simply refers […]


Ryan Swain’s musings on parenting…

Ryan Swain is a professional Presenter, Host, Stand-Up Comedian & Entertainer. His high energy levels, finely crafted one liners and sharp improvisational skills create an elusive star quality.    See his views on the crazy world of parenting….      


The Importance of Text and Visual Learning

Minimalism (a deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in design) is a trend that’s been sweeping through our homes, our wardrobes and even our social media feeds. But can you imagine what a minimalist classroom would look like? Well, while minimalism is sometimes a good thing (de-cluttering can make concentration easier to sustain), it’s thought […]

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